Registered Office

A Registered Office receives service of legal papers, as well as important state and federal mail, including tax forms, legal notices, LLC report forms and annual corporate forms.

Registered Office Service

Penncorp Servicegroup, Inc. offers Registered Office services in all 50 states. We provide the following quality service:

Notification: We will notify you immediately regarding all documents and service of process received as your Registered Office. 

Reliability: Whether or not we have helped form your corporate entity, Penncorp Servicegroup, Inc. has a proven track record for all Registered Office services.

Pricing and Volume Discounts: Call us at (717) 234-2300 or (800) 544-9050 for a quote! You may qualify for a volume discount on our Registered Office services. Give us a call for details on how we can save you money!

In the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, it is required by law that all foreign and domestic C-corps, S-corps and LLCs appoint a registered office, also known as a resident agent or statutory agent. In order to keep your entity in full compliance, your documents must be handled correctly. Ensuring their prompt delivery is the only way to guarantee your awareness of filing deadlines and court proceedings crucial to the smooth operation of your business. There can be serious repercussions from not having a Registered Office. You can also change your Registered Office at anytime.

A Registered Office is your contact with state agencies and courts. Your entity must have a physical address in the state where you do business, a post office box alone is not permitted.