The state of Pennsylvania requires new Corporations, Statements of Registration for Foreign Business Corporations, and Fictitious Names to publish shortly after the formation of the entity.
When a fictitious name is used by an individual, an association or other entity which includes an individual party, the user of the name must advertise that it has filed an application for registration of the fictitious name. The advertisement should be placed in a newspaper of general circulation in the county in which your business will be located and one advertisement in a legal publication or newspaper in that same county.

Pennsylvania law (PA BCL §23.31) requires that a notice that a Corporation is about to be or has been filed must be officially published in certain newspapers. Failure to publish limits corporate access to the courts and may expose interested parties to personal liability.

The state statutes that specify publication requirements often include words like dissolution and suspension of the entity if the entity doesn't publish within the specified time periods. Penncorp Servicegroup, Inc. offers new entity publication services. We know how to publish Corporations, Certificates of Authority, and Fictitious Names  in the appropriate newspapers. We get the details right and get the job done on time. 


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